Meu nome é Livia A. Nascimento, sou carioca e vivo em Brasília. Este blog é o relato de um período sabático – ou quase – fazendo trabalho voluntário pela AIESEC no sul da Polônia. Decidida poucos dias antes de viajar e sem conhecer nada ou ninguém no país, tudo foi acontecendo com tantos sorrisos e cortesias no caminho que as fotos serão pouco para contar as histórias de mais uma aventura, mas tentarei. A ideia é incentivar a ida a essa parte da Europa e o intercâmbio voluntariado, então vamos lá!



My name is Livia A. Nascimento, I am from Rio but live in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. This blog is the narrative of a(n) – almost – sabbatical period doing volunteer work through AIESEC in southern Poland. Decided a few days before getting aboard and not knowing anything or anybody in the country, everything happened with so many smiles and courtesies on my way that the photos won’t be enough to tell the stories of yet another adventure, but let´s try! The main idea is to encourage travelling through this part of Europe and also volunteering abroad programs for young people from all over, especially from my home country!

PS: MY APOLOGIZES IN ADVANCE TO ENGLISH-SPEAKING FRIENDS AND READERS FOR THE STORIES IN THIS BLOG BEING ONLY IN PORTUGUESE… Please refer to info in english on the photos’ descriptions, “HOW DID I GET HERE?” page and some other parts, but unfortunately with so much travelling I really lack time to having it all in both languages! =( Nevertheless, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT OR ASK ANYTHING IN ENGLISH – I WILL BE PLEASED TO ANSWER! =D


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